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Political Web Design Services

People don't support you or your cause because your site is cool. In fact, probably the opposite, because "cool" sites tend to try to be different, and different sites are usually annoying to figure out. This is why we don't do "cool" websites, with lots of animation and graphics. We do websites that give your target audience what they want in a way that gets out your message.

Contact Huberspace for a free estimate and consultation. As your Web design consultants, we'll listen to what you need, and we'll give you our honest recommendations, even if it means less money for us.

Experienced Political Web developers

Huberspace founder, Jim Huber, brings over 29 years of experience designing websites to Huberspace. In fact, he's been on the Web longer than Yahoo! has. With that experience comes wide knowledge of the medium and a focused philosophy on building successful websites.

He not only knows what to do, but he knows what not to do. Huberspace designs professional-looking websites, not glitzy sites. We know that people come to your site for the information or functionality it provides, not for the bells and whistles.

The Huberspace team consists of experts in the areas of politics, graphics, Web page coding, content writing, search engine optimization, programming, and so on. Using Jim's knowledge of how the Web works and how people use the Web, he works closely with his team to directs its talents to create masterpieces of form and function.

Political Content Writing

There are an art and a science to writing in politics. Likewise for writing for the Web. Your site needs to be on message, Web friendly, as well as search engine friendly. Those are a lot of things to balance when writing for your website. That's why we have experts who will make sure your website is telling your visitors the right message, in a way that is readable and search engine friendly.

Control Your Site

Huberspace offers you the "Backdoor," a Web-based content management system. With the Backdoor you can add news articles, events, photos, etc. to your website in real-time! You can even manage and communicate with your mailing lists.